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How do I apply and remove skin camouflage?

It is very important that you have found a colour match for your skin that you are happy with before you start using a skin camouflage product. Please see the ‘How do I obtain skin camouflage?’ section on the main Covering Acne page for details on how to do this.

Applying Skin Camouflage

The first step is to gently cleanse and dry the skin. After that you should apply any acne treatments, moisturisers, sunscreen or any other products that you wish and wait a few moments for your skin to absorb them.

The next step is to apply your skin camouflage. Start by removing the amount of camouflage that you’ll need from its container. You may wish to follow the instructions on the product’s packaging on how to do this. You can also decant the product directly onto your fingertips or onto a cosmetic sponge if that is the application method you prefer. For hygienic reasons, you should avoid sticking your fingers directly into any tubs. It is also important to remember that a small amount of skin camouflage will cover a large area of skin.

When you are ready, use a gentle, stroking motion to apply the skin camouflage directly to the acne affected area and then blend outwards onto the surrounding skin.

If any discolouration shows through the layer of camouflage then you can apply a little more. Please note, if discolouration is still visible after a couple of layers then it is unlikely that additional layers will help. See our ‘Solutions to some common skin camouflage problems’ page if this is a problem for you.

Once you have achieved a natural, even look, you may then need to set the camouflage. You can do this using a powder that is the same colour as your skin camouflage and applying it using a powder applicator.

Start by tipping a small amount of powder onto your powder applicator, so that you avoid getting any skin camouflage in the pot. Next, gently dab the powder against the area to which you applied the skin camouflage. Avoid dabbing harshly at your skin as this might create powder clouds, which can irritate your eyes and lungs.

The finished result will be waterproof and should last between eight and sixteen hours. Although, it is worth noting that skin camouflage is not rub proof. Please see your product details for further information.

Removing Skin Camouflage

It is often tempting to wear skin camouflage overnight. However, a build-up of products on the skin can block pores and lead to acne forming or worsening. In addition, skin camouflage products are not rub proof and will tend to smudge and come off on bedding.

To remove your skin camouflage you can use a mild cleansing lotion or soap substitute and gently rub the skin with a cotton pad. You can also use a mild soap and water if you prefer.