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How do I obtain skin camouflage?

There are several ways in which you can get skin camouflage. Below you will find the details of the options available to you. It is important to note that finding a colour match to your skin that you are happy with is a key part of skin camouflage proving effective. You should also be aware that your skin may change colour with the seasons, and that you might need different colour products to match your skin at different times of the year.

NHS Skin Camouflage Clinic

In some areas the NHS provides a skin camouflage clinic service. To access this service you might need to visit your GP who may then refer you. Self-referral is also available in some areas.

At a skin camouflage clinic a trained skin camouflage practitioner will discuss with you your needs and be able to help you in finding a colour match that you are happy with. During your visit to the clinic, the practitioner will teach you how to easily and quickly apply and remove skin camouflage. You will also be taught how to make sure that your camouflage stays in place during wear.

The practitioner will also explore various brands with you. Skin camouflage products are available from a variety of brands in an extensive range of colours. Different brands do have different textures and some may stay on your skin longer than others. This means one product may be better than another for you and your lifestyle.

It is important that the final decision on colour and product texture is your choice, the practitioner is there to serve as a guide and not to make the choice on your behalf.

Once you have decided on a product you may be able to get your supply through a prescription from your GP. The GP will need to know the brand name, the colour code and the size or quantity of the product that you require. Your prescription will then be dispensed in the normal manner from your pharmacist.

You may be able to find out if an NHS skin camouflage clinic is available in your area by contacting the British Association of Skin Camouflage or Changing Faces.

Other Skin Camouflage Clinics

If you cannot access an NHS skin camouflage clinic, then you may be able to see a qualified skin camouflage practitioner through your pharmacy or through a private clinic.

As with a visit to an NHS Skin Camouflage Clinic, the practitioner will discuss with you your needs and help you to find a product that is a colour and texture that you are happy with.

When selecting a private practitioner make sure to check that they have been sufficiently trained in a variety of brands. You can tell this by asking what selection of brands they can offer you. A good practitioner will also have ready for inspection their qualifications and insurance cover, should you request to see it.

Once you have chosen a product that you are happy with you will be able to order it from online retailers, telephone retailers and pharmacies. To do this you will need the product’s brand name, colour code, size and quantity that you wish to order.

Visit your local pharmacy to find out if they offer a free skin camouflage clinic. Alternatively, you can search online for a private skin camouflage practitioner in your area. Please note that appointments with private practitioners will most likely involve a fee.

Finding Skin Camouflage Without A Practitioner

If you are not able to see a skin camouflage practitioner, then there are some useful things you can do to help your find a colour match by yourself. Please note, seeing a skin camouflage practitioner makes it easier to find a colour and texture that you are happy with.

Most skin camouflage brands provide sample colour packs that you can purchase over the internet or by telephone. Using these packs, you can test colours until you find one that you feel happy with. It is important to remember that you cannot match your skin colour to a product through a screen or using product packaging. When testing a colour, be sure to view it on your skin in natural daylight, as this will give you the best indication as to how it looks.

After you have chosen a product that you are happy with you will need the brand name, colour code and product size to be able to order it online. You can also order skin camouflage products through your pharmacy and over the phone from retailers using the above product information.