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Solutions to some common skin camouflage problems

Sometimes people can find themselves facing problems when covering their acne and acne scarring. We have listed some of the more common issues that people experience below, along with suggestions as to how they might be solved.

What can I do if my skin camouflage doesn’t stay on my inflamed acne?

Often skin camouflage and makeup products do not stay in place when applied to inflamed acne. If you find that this is a problem for you then a product known as an invisible primer may help keep your skin camouflage from sliding off the acne.

A skin camouflage practitioner will be able to suggest brands of invisible primer and advise you as to where you can purchase them. If seeing a skin camouflage practitioner is not an option then a professional makeup artist or theatrical makeup retailer may be able to advise you.

What can I do if my skin camouflage product is too thick?

Skin camouflage products come in a wide range of textures and consistencies. Some are thick creams whilst others are thin liquids or come in a stick format.

If you have chosen a product that you are happy with in terms of colour but are finding that it is too thick then there are liquid thinners that you can purchase from theatrical makeup suppliers that may help. These liquid thinners are designed to thin any cream without affecting its colour.

Please note that usually there is no need to set your camouflage with powder if you use a thinner.

Why can’t I get my skin camouflage to even out my skin texture?

Acne and acne scarring can leave skin with an uneven appearance. It can be tempting to try to make your skin appear level by applying skin camouflage in thick layers. This rarely works and what often happens is that the area you were trying to even out becomes more noticeable.

If you are looking for information on what you can do to remove or reduce uneven skin texture caused by acne scarring then please see the ‘Scarring’ section of this website.

What can I do if using powder is making my skin look dull?

Applying powder to set your skin camouflage will leave your skin with a matte (not shiny) finish. Some people feel like applying powder makes their skin look dull. If you are finding that this is a problem for you then there are liquid sprays and aerosols available that you can apply on top of your powder to give your skin a natural sheen. These products are often known as fixier sprays and can sometimes be called setting sprays by theatrical makeup suppliers.

Why does my skin look bright white in photographs when I am wearing skin camouflage?

Skin camouflage products that contain a high amount of titanium dioxide or iron oxide can cause your skin to look bright white in photographs when the camera’s flash is activated. This is because these ingredients reflect a lot of light. If this is a problem for you then you should find a skin camouflage product where titanium dioxide or iron oxide are not the major ingredients.