You should not treat acne but leave it to run its course?

Toothpaste is an effective treatment for acne?


Most acne is caused by dead skin cells that are already inside of your hair follicles becoming stuck in the oil that is travelling up from the oil gland towards the surface of the skin. The dead skin cells and oil form a blockage that leads to acne.

Sometimes, acne can be caused by cosmetic products becoming stuck in hair follicles, such as make-up and oily moisturisers.

To learn more about the causes of acne and how to prevent it visit the Causes and Prevention sections of this website.

Make-up causes acne and can make pre-existing acne worse?

Acne is a teenage problem. Adults shouldn’t get it?

If you have acne you should not use moisturisers or sunscreens?

You should avoid touching your face if you have acne?

You shouldn’t pop or squeeze your spots?

More expensive products equal better acne treatment?

You don’t need to see your doctor to treat your acne?

Sunlight can cure acne?

All forms of exfoliation work equally well?

Blackheads are just dirt trapped in your pores?

You should steam your pores open before cleansing your skin and then close them again with cold water?

You can get acne from sleeping on a dirty pillow?

Salt water does not cure acne?

If your acne treatment isn’t stinging then it is not working?

Eating chocolate causes acne?

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